• Strapetteā„¢

  • Tube Supporting Headgear for Neonates and Pediatrics

    CP-4420 / CP-4420A


  • The Endotracheal Tube Holder provides quick, secure stabilization. Wide cotton-lined neckband is the tapeless way to secure an endotracheal tube while minimizing skin irritation, to provide maximum patient comfort. The minimal plastic loop around the endotracheal tube allows access to the oral cavity and may eliminate the need to use a bit block.

    SMD 42-1820

  • NEO-Fit

  • NEO-Fit neonatal endotracheal tube gripper by Coopersurgical.


  • Waterpap Valve

  • Positive airway pressure valve for use in bubble CPAP made in USA by AIrways.

  • INCA

  • INCA Infant nasal CPAP interface

    5 sizes

  • Capette

  • Tube Supporting Headgear for Infants and Neonate

    4 models