Capette™ - Tube Supporting Headgear for Infants and Neonates

No Adhesives On The Skin

Adjustable, Versatile, Reliable, Logical

Compatible with: CPAP Tubing, High Flow Tubing, Oxygen Tubing, Feeding Tubes

We sell Airways Development products in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania

CP-4401A Capette, Small Size For Neonates Below 800 GramsBox of 10
CP-4402A Capette, Medium Size For Neonates from 800 to 1500 GramsBox of 10
CP-4403A Capette, Large Size For Neonates Above 1500 GramsBox of 10
CP-4414 Tube TacklesCase of 40

Estimated delivery 5-10 business days after receipt of order