Smith's Capnocheck II Handheld Capnograph with Battery and Charger

Are you adequately monitoring your anesthetized patients for exhaled carbon dioxide? ASA has approved a change to the ASA “Standards for Basic Anesthetic Monitoring”. Click Here for more information on this ASA guideline change. Capnocheck II can be your economical answer to meeting new ASA guidelines. Please note model 8401 does not include Oximeter as show in picture. Displays ETCO2 inspired CO2, plethysmographic waveform, respiration and pulse rates. The following prices are a limited time offer which expires 3/31/2014. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Capnocheck II Model 8401

Capnocheck II Model 8400 (includes oximeter)

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Information Specifications
Provides waveforms, numeric values, and on-screen trending.

Easy to read EL back-lit LCD display. Adjustable alarm limits, as well as visual and auditory alarms.

Sidestream technology accommodates intubated and non-intubated patients, from pediatric to adult.

Lightweight and compact for easy transport.

Infrared link to an optional external printer assures trouble-free download.

Genuine BCI reusable and disposable sensors.

2 year warranty by Smiths Medical.

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