Custom Ultrasonics' System 83+ Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor

Ultrasonically wash plus high level disinfect either one or two flexible endoscopes (EGDs, colonoscopes, bronchoscopes, including ultrasound scopes) each cycle in each bay. Features user friendly Windows operating system plus electronic documentation and storage of all process information. Operating costs of System 83+ are lower than all other AERs currently being sold.

Information Specifications
Manufacturered in USA by Custom Ultrasonics.

Ideal replacement of Steris System 1, for reprocessing upper and lower GI scopes plus Bronchoscopes.

Low cost of operation.

Effective ultrasonic cleaning of your flexible scopes and high level disinfection produces a patient safe instrument.

Utilized by the majority of USA's best GI hospitals.

Efficiency: our 19’’ wide processing chamber can simultaneously reprocess 1 or 2 scopes.

We sell Custom Ultrasonics equipment in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky.

Specifications for System 83 Plus AER manufactured by Custom Ultrasonics:
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