H/S Catheter

Gynecologists, radiologists, and sonographers gain enhanced uterine images, during saline infused sonohysterography procedures as well as hysterosalpingography procedures, utilizing our broad range of H/S Catheters, or HSG catheters.

Information Specifications
H/S Catheter with Integrated Stylet available in both five French and seven French sizes to improve control and better facilitate catheter placement. See item #61-3005 and #61-3007 below. These are the original H/S Catheters by Ackrad Laboratories but featuring a malleable integral stiffening stylet. This new series of HSG Catheters is now manufactured by CooperSurgical, like all of our HSG Catheters. CooperSurgical is the largest manufacturer of HSG Catheters because of their quality innovative design, and support of women’s health through medical device development. #61-3005 and #61-3007 both come with flexible placement sheaths and attached syringe with stop for balloon inflation. All CooperSurgical H/S Catheters are made in the U.S.A., and are of the absolute highest quality.

SMD Wynne stocks a variety of catheters and accessories used by gynecologists, radiologists, and sonographers for performing saline infused sonohysterography (SIS) as well as hysterosalpingography (HSG) procedures. This series of HSG catheters all feature balloons to contain contrast media or saline within the uterus during the procedure, plus flexible placement sheaths for assisting in positioning the catheter during uterine imaging, often without the need for a tenaculum.
sizes available:

#61-5005 H/S Catheter, Standard-5 French, 10 per box
#61-5007 H/S Catheter, Standard-7 French, 10 per box
#61-3005 H/S Catheter with integrated Stylet, Standard-5 French, 10 per box
#61-3007 H/S Catheter with integrated Stylet, Standard-7 French, 10 per box
H/S Procedure Tray- With 5 French- product number: 61-5205
H/S Procedure Tray- With 7 French- product number: 61-5207
H/S Procedure Tray- With 5 French with Stylet- product number: 61-3205
H/S Procedure Tray- With 7 French with Stylet- product number:61-3207
#61-0020 H/S Stylet, 10 per box Can be added to 61-5005 or 61-5007 as needed.