The NEO-fit provides quick, secure endotracheal tube stabilization. Designed to firmly grip a Neonatal endotracheal tube, NEO-fit utilizes metal clips to mechanically grip the soft material of the tube. The device is positioned on baby’s face using a hydrocolloid adhesive that is hypoallergenic and Velcro strap allows for rapid release and readjustment of the tube.

Information Specifications
Provides a sure means of securing the tube to the patient.

Eliminates the use of tape on the endotracheal tube and minimizes the use of tape on the patient.

“One size fits all”

Longer term use and cost efficient

"MR Conditional": NEO-fit is MRI compatible

NEO-fit™ includes one plastic tube grip with adjustable Velcro strap, two adhesive foam pads, and two foam “lollypop” securing tapes. Designed for use in securing a 2.5mm through 4.0mm ID neonatal ET tube. Not intended for use with 2.0mm ID or smaller ET tube. Order item #42-2540. Packaged 20 per box.