TransWarmer Infant Transport Mattress

Safe and convenient...reliable...clinically proven WarmGel® products use a patented activation disc to produce quick, consistent, and reliable heat, nesting the infant to reduce the chance of hypothermia and vibration. Based on a 24°C/75°F start temperature, the mattress reaches a peak temperature of 40°C/104°F in less than 60 seconds, providing rapid thermal support. Latex and PVC free, the TransWarmer® is made with nontoxic, food-grade materials.

Information Specifications

Better heat distribution increases blood flow.

TransWarmer® minimizes the risk of hypothermia in cesarean deliveries, and is especially of value for Preemies who lack body fat and who are therefore susceptible to loss of body heat.

Patented gel and soft nonwoven surface gently conforms to the patient's shape for better nesting.

Disposable heat pack minimizes cross contamination and infection. 10" x 16" TransWarmer® provides warmth for up to 2 hours (depending on ambient temperature).

Multiple uses: NICU, nursery, OR, ER, and transport unit Packaged 6 per case. We stock TransWarmer for sale throughout the USA.