Weisman-Graves Speculum

The Weisman-Graves speculum is an open-sided speculum design, which permits easy speculum removal without distrubing the catheter or instruments. They are an ideal time-saving device for sonohysterography and hysterosalpingography procedures, and are easily adjustable to most anatomic needs. Available with either left or right side opening for physician preference. Made of stainless steel - sterilizable and reusable.


Information Specifications
Choose from:

Item 64-0125 Weisman-Graves Medium Left Side Open
Item 64-0126 Weisman-Graves Medium Right Side Open
Item 64-0127L Weisman-Graves Large Left Side Open
Item 64-0128L Weisman-Graves Large Right Side Open
Goldstein Grasp (2)