Endotracheal Tube Holder

The Endotracheal Tube Holder from SMD Wynne Corporation provides quick, comfortable, and secure stabilization of your endotracheal tube without the use of adhesive tape.  The wide cotton-lined neck band minimizes skin irritation and is comfortable for your patient.  The “loop” is pre-formed:  simply slip over the endotracheal tube, then draw the ends of tubing in opposite directions in order to tighten the grip of the loop on the ET tube.  Then attach the loop to the cotton neckband with the Velcro tabs.  This ET tube holder generally allows access to the oral cavity. 

Latex-free product.  Complies with Advanced Cardiac Life Support Guidelines:  ACLS Guidelines recommend the use of commercially available tube holders as a substitute for using tape to secure endotracheal tubes.  Cotton neckband is 1.5” X 19”, excess length can be trimmed.  Sold non-sterile, 25 per box.  

The SMD  42-1820 has been discontinued. A comparable item TMI-ET1 is available.

Item number  TMI-ET1.

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