Weisman-Graves Speculum

The Weisman-Graves style speculum is an open-sided design which permits easy speculum removal without disturbing the HS catheter or instruments.  They are an ideal device for sonohysterography and hysterosalpingography procedures, and are adjustable.  Available with either left or right side opening for physician preference.  Made of stainless steel.    

  • Weisman-Graves Speculum availability:
    • #64-0125 Weisman-Graves, medium, left side open.
    • #64-0126 Weisman-Graves, medium, right side open.
    • #64-0127L Weisman-Graves, large, left side open.
    • #64-0128R Weisman-Graves, large, right.

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